Fishtober 2023

A quick video of the event and one of our speakers, Cameron Laughman

2023 Speaker Schedule

Saturday, September 30th Schedule

Fishtoberfest Doors Open                              9:00

Fishtoberfest!                                                        9-5

Speaker Schedule:

Stephen Tanner                                                   11:00

Andrew Kiefer                                                      12:30

Cameron Laufman                                             1:30

Dr. Anthony Mazeroll                                      3:30

Sponsor Auction                                                 5:30

Participant Mixer to follow After Auction

Sunday, October 1st Schedule

Fishtoberfest Doors Open                                9:00

Fishtoberfest!                                                          9-3

Speaker Schedule:

Steve Lundblad                                                      11:00

General Auction                                                     2:30


Thank you to Aqueon for the generous donation of 3 gallon rimless aquariums for the Shrimp Show! Show them some love and visit:

Fishtoberfest Content for Sale at the Show!

Welcome to the Home Page for Fishtoberfest 2023!

This year’s 3rd annual event will be held September 30 through October 1st of 2023 at the Shilo Inn Portland Airport. The two day event will feature 30 plus local vendors and 10 or more sponsors from the hobby, business and aquarium industry. Entrance fee is $5.00 for each adult, children 17 years and younger are FREE.

The event space at the Shilo Inn will open to the public at 9AM Saturday morning, September 30th, and include speakers and workshops throughout the day. Vendor and sponsor booths will be open and available for the sale of a broad array of aquarium items all day. At 5PM Saturday, the event space will transition into the sponsor auction. Auction items will include products that our sponsors have donated in support of Fishtoberfest. The auction is open to Fishtoberfest attendees. Once the sponsor auction is complete, we will invite participants to a non-hosted mixer where attendees, vendors, sponsors and speakers can enjoy discussions about the aquarium hobby.

Sunday morning, Ocotber 1st, the event space will open at 9AM with vendors and sponsors available at their booths. At 1PM, we will begin the general auction for all other items and livestock available to be sold at Fishtoberfest. The auction and event area will close by 5PM Sunday afternoon.

The Shilo Inn is providing discount accomodations to event participants for the special group rate of $115.00 per night plus tax. Rooms will be available to participants at this rate until September 15th 2023. The Shilo Inn can be contacted by calling: 503-252-7500.

Vendor booths can be reserved for $100.00 for the weekend. Send your vendor request and contact information to our e-mail at For more details about becoming a sponsor please reach out to us at our e-mail or by calling or texting Ryan Mackey at 503-689-0480. Hurry spaces are limited!

The popularity of this event has grown over the last 3 years and we hope to see you there!