Bowl Shows

1. Everyone entering the bowl show must be a GPAS member and be present at the meeting.

2. Fish categories for each show will be announced at the previous meeting. (see below) Unqualified entries will be removed by the Bowl Show Committee.

3. Entries must be registered with the Bowl Show Committee and set up before the President calls the meeting to order. Exceptions will be made for new members when entering the Bowl Show for the first time; these entrants must set up before judging.

4. There is a limit of three entries per member, per month.

5. Fish can be entered in a flat-sided container up to ten gallons in size. Larger tanks must have their own stands. No decorations, gravel, lights, or backing are allowed. An airstone may be placed in the container. Only one entry per tank, unless a divider is provided.

6. Fish may be shown as individuals or pairs. Pairs of fish obviously of the same sex will be disqualified.

7. Entries will be removed at the request of the Bowl Show Committee if there is any sign of disease or stress.

8. Judging for the People’s Choice will be by secret ballot of all GPAS members present at the meeting. Each member may cast only one vote.

9. Judging for the best fish overall will be performed by the Bowl Show Judging Committee, appointed by the Board of Directors.

10. Points will be awarded as follows:

  •  First Place 5 points
  •  Second Place 4 points
  •  Third Place 3 points
  •  Per Entrant: 1 point awarded for participation for non-placing entry

11. The member(s) with the highest points in a year will receive a plaque in March, and will be known as the “Showman of the Year”.

12. The GPAS and the Bowl Show Committee will not be responsible for any losses.

13. The Bowl Show Committee is the final authority on all matters.


Bowl Show Categories (modified June 2018)

May Catfishes & Loaches
June Livebearers
July Killies
August Old World Cichlids: Africa & Asia
September Non-Fish (Axolotl, Aquatic frogs and, invertebrates)
October New World Cichlids: North, Central, & South America
November Goldfish & Koi
December Holiday Social: No Show
January Bettas, Anabantoids, & Gouramis
February Characins & Rainbows
March Barbs, Rasboras, & Danios
April Odd & Unusual: Anything that doesn’t fit other categories fish only