Past Speakers

Our past speakers include a wide range of specialties and we learned quite a bit with each meeting.

August 2016 – Gary Lange was our speaker for August and flew out to talk about rainbowfish collecting in the wild. He was very kind about bringing many rainbowfish eggs he collected from his fish and had those for an auction. Hopefully we’ll be seeing rainbowfish in the auctions soon!

July 2016 – Michael Silakowski spoke at our picnic about keeping and breeding dwarf acaras.

June 2016 – Jennifer Reynolds came down from Vancouver, British Columbia taught us about freshwater stingrays in both the wild and in the aquarium.

May 2016 – Ingo Seidel from Germany had a presentation about plecos and other Loricariidae.

April 2016 – This month we had our annual plant auction. Thanks all to joined us for this wonderful fundraiser for speakers for the other times of the year.

March 2016 – Kat Hentsch from Seattle, Washington gave us an informative presentation about the various Aponogeton plants.

February 2016 – Mike Wise came from Colorado and spoke to us about breeding and keeping apistogrammas.

January 2016 – Greg Sage gave us a presentation about the various livebearers with a good number of photos and also had some videos to share.

December 2015 – No speaker; we had holiday party at the Holtz household and were able to enjoy talking about fish and other subjects.

November 2015 – Jim Graybill came to talk about Killiefish and brought in some lovely examples, plus there was some available in the auction.

October 2015 – Our speaker this month was Dave Soares who gave a presentation about an expedition to the Rio Tigré.

September 2015 – Albert So gave us a presentation about “The Tao of the EBJD and PJD” which involved talking about breeding the recessive colored Jack Dempseys. We learned about how to be able to breed the electric blue and platinum Jack Dempseys.

August 2015 – We had Steve Lundblad come to talk about “Bringing The Unique to the Hobby” – many new fish are coming into the hobby and so we were able to hear about that as well as more.

July 2015 – Joe Middleton gave a presentation about his more recent trip to the Yucatan Peninsula. We got to see pictures of the fish that he found and learned there are multiple looking Firemouth Cichlids in various parts of the Peninsula.

June 2015 – This meeting had Roland Holtz presenting how to drill through glass and how to properly cut glass if one needed to replace the glass. Partly a hands-on experience as well, all were given the opportunity to try out the drill and make a hole in the glass or actually cut some of the glass. Nice tidbits to those that especially want to restore a metal frame aquarium.

May 2015 – Chuck Rambo flew up from San Jose, California to give a presentation of “History of Cichlids In The Hobby”. We were shown many old fish aquarium styles. And the members received a special members only meeting earlier in the day about his Poor Man’s Collecting Trip to Florida.

April 2015 – This was our annual meeting where the new board members (in this case, all the same except for President and VP switching seats) began the positions for the new fiscal year. We also had an absolutely amazing auction – big thanks for the Wet Spot Tropical Fish, 2020 Pet Store, and to the attendees (both members and non-members) for supplying many, many live plants. There was also some live food cultures, shrimp, and some fish available for bid. Sorry to those that missed out, as the selection of plants was phenomenal. Special thanks to Oisín for sharing his plant knowledge with the group in assisting Roland with the auction.

March 2015 – Presentation at this meeting was given by Eric Rasmussen on Goodeids. Classification of many of these fish species has changed since the last time he did this talk (a few years ago at least). Many brown looking fish, though some have color.

February 2015 – At this meeting we learned from Ted Judy about the Genus Pelvicachromis. Many different species in the genus and a number of beautiful ones. His website: Repashy Superfoods and are proud sponsors of Ted’s activities in support of the aquarium hobby.

January 2015 – Eric Hanneman gave a presentation on the Fish Rooms that he has been to, including his own. He gave us more reason to have more aquariums!

December 2014 –  There was no general meeting for December, but we did have a Holiday part at Roland & Kim’s house.

November 2014 – Our very own Doran Figart was our speaker. He talked about his research in comparing the various species of fish and their breeding patterns. Some in the same genus may do bubblenests and then others are broodmouthers, and in other species you’ll have one totally unrelated to the previous two be a bubblenester and a closer species may broodmouth. The website he is collecting research on is and is looking for entries by those who have bred fish and what conditions, etc they successfully spawned in.

October 2014 – We had our speaker fly in from Kentucky! Rusty Wessel gave a great presentation on the Fishes of the Maya which included phenomenal photos of wild and aquarium cichlids and livebearers from Central America. Besides the photos, we also witnessed some of the videos and heard the stories of adventures on the trip to Central America. We discovered there are a lot of brown dogs down there too. Rusty brought along some very nice fish including one that had never been available until that meeting.

September 2014 – David Fraguglia came from the bay area to give a presentation on the fish of Lake Malawi. It was great to see the videos especially of the fish. Some areas of the lake the fish will be swimming vertical to orient themselves to the rock cliff.

August 2014 – Joe Middleton talked about daphnia (raising, breeding, etc.) and we also had a round table of discussions varying from live foods, breeding fish, some saltwater questions, and more. Great turnout considering it was a holiday weekend – thanks to those who showed up and great selection for the auction!

July 2014 – annual members picnic, no speaker. We just had a great time with great company.

June 2014 – Eric Rasmussen gave a talk on sustainable fisheries on the Rio Negro. Brought in Cardinal Tetras for members to bid at in the auction. Definitely an interesting topic!


July 2010 – Picnic


June 2010 – David Herlong – fish keeping in Europe


May 2010 – Ad Konings


April 2010 – Plant auction


March 2010 – Dick Van Ingen


February 2010 – Chuck Rambo


January 2010 – Live food culturing – Hands-on Workshop & possible field trip following meeting