Auction Rules

Starting at April 2016 meeting, we will follow these rules again. We had outdated rules previously because these “newer” ones were missing.


The auction is restricted to items related to the aquarium hobby. The following rules are intended to provide safety and consistency in the handling of auction and raffle items. Any item not conforming to these guidelines may be rejected and returned to the seller or donor.

Responsibilities of the seller:

• All bags must be labeled with the seller number (membership number or visitor number) and item (or bag) number.

• Live plants and animals must also be labeled with quantity and common and Latin names, when known, and must be properly bagged:

◦ All bags should be fully filled with air to prevent inadvertent crushing or damage to contents ( 1⁄4 water to 3⁄4 air as a rule of thumb).

◦ Bag should be appropriately sized for the contents, without overcrowding.

◦ Aggressive fish should be individually bagged.

◦ Any fish which cannot be safely bagged (i.e. too large or sharp spined) should be put in a suitable alternative watertight container.

◦ All fish and plants requiring submersion must be double-bagged.

Responsibilities of the buyer:

• All purchases will be paid for at the end of the auction, before the purchases are removed.

• Auction proceeds will be split as follows:

◦ Members – 75% to seller, 25% to GPAS.

◦ Non-members – 50% to seller, 50% to GPAS.

• Auction limitation per seller is seven (7) bags, excluding BAP, HAP, IAP and donated items, for which there is no limit.


reviewed 11-2007 by Auction Chair